An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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What Would Jesus Do?

If you can count your true friends on just one hand and not in handfuls, then count yourself blessed and not depressed.


For those with many usually end up without any, just as soon as they've spent their last penny. 


Was yesterday one of those days when after all was said and done, more was said than done?


Did you long to see the sun and have some fun, but instead was overcome with the daily tedium that has become the routine humdrum?


I bet you like me simply wished to see your spirit soar free above the trees, for only there can you be more than that, which others first see, or thought you would ever be.


Devoid of body, and not having to avoid nor fear anybody, but with wings to soar and a voice to roar life would be melancholy no more.


In everything you do think "WWJD" because what every good Christian should want to be is a reflection of Christ and not a bad reflection upon Christ.

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.


In other words by learning from your mistakes great strides will you make.

Faith and hope are not the same, for faith stems from need and hope from greed.


You see I have faith that my God will fulfil my needs, but the faithless hope that the lottery will fulfil their greed’s.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.


What this means is unlike crack faith is not temporary a high, but the foundation of God's promise to both you and I.

To reach your goal you should pray for Strength, Tenacity, Perseverance of Mind, Body & Soul.


With these 3 traits you can be assured all your achievements shell be great.

No one plans to fail, but those who don't plan will never prevail.


So "write the vision and make it plain" (Hab. 2:2)

Life is an echo and whatever you send out you'll get back.


So speak and act positively especially when you pray and you'll be amazed at how good fortune follows you day by day.

Others see things and ask why, while I dream things and ask why not!

Don't try to reinvent the wheel but simply submit to God's will and remember many have tried

but all have been denied.


For God's will is like a perfect circle

and has neither a beginning

nor an end, but in the end

is equally just to all men.

If you complain the problem will remain, but by releasing it

through prayer

God will show that he cares,

by taking away any pain that remains, once the problem has been tamed.

We were all made to strive and not merely survive,

so by developing focus and drive God will ensure

all your dreams

stay alive.

The greater your vision, the greater will be your provision.

Or as Donald Trump put it "We all have to think

so think big"!



Two little words that are too seldom heard,

but as you know

I don't follow the herd, and I sincerely believe you reap

what you sow.


So I thought it was important to let you know that my love and appreciation for you continue to grow.

You cannot be a conqueror

if you have never had conflict,

so when the devil next attacks

do not hesitate to fight back,

for God will always have your back,

and simply nullify the devils attack.

Compete against others and you limit yourself to the minimum required

to beat them.


Compete against your best to date

and fate will ensure you are first through the winner’s gate,

and all your achievements

will be continually great!

Compete against others and you limit yourself to the minimum required

to beat them.


Compete against your best to date

and fate will ensure you are first through the winner’s gate,

and all your achievements

will be continually great!

It always feels like

I'm swimming upstream

while in pursuit of my dream,

so why is it others seem so mean

yet always get the cream?


It seems unfair that if you care,

to attain success is exceptionally rare.


This is one of life's rules which although

seems cruel has taught me not to be a fool, but fair and strong and to always remember where my priorities belong


"Me & Family"

It’s amazing what our God can do and when you think about it you'll see that this is so clearly true.


Were you lucky or were you blessed when the Devil last

put you to the test?


The rest of the world may still believe that luck will fulfil all their greed’s, but you and I know you reap what you sow, and from little acorns do great oak trees grow.


But if you still doubt that God

will fulfil all your needs,

then drop to your knees and pray and put him to the test today.


You'll be amazed at what great blessings He'll send your way, and He'll continue to bless you

forever and a day.

In hindsight it’s easy to always be right, but sometimes its best to give in without a fight, and let others take delight in what they consider to be right, for in God's sight you know you did right.

Christmas comes but once a year

but I fear we do not always remember why its here.

So my friends enjoy good cheer

and have a blessed new year,

but remember to always

hold Christ near.

Who would have thought an ex sinner like me would have lived to see the many blessings

God has bestowed upon me.


For although I may not yet be rich I am richly blessed with loving family and friends and

I am proud to count you amongst them.