An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Trust Is The Barrier To Your Heart


At birth we enter the world all alone and leave behind the only home we have ever known, and venture into a world of the unknown.


Death may at first appear to be the same, but the faithful have always known that Heaven is not really an unknown, but a place we all pray to eventually call home.


In fact what you will find, when your time comes to eventually ascend, is that you will be greeted at Heavens gates by both family and friends.

By expressing my dreams via the written word I can put my soul on display in a non-vulnerable way. You see for me words are my friend and I am never alone when I have a pen.


In fact words to me are like therapy for they set me free, and allow me to be more than that, which you first see.

Some times your physical best will not be the best, but as long as you do your best you shouldn't worry about the rest, for life is one continual test.


You see if you continue to test the limits of your mind you will find that your efforts will ensure that eventually you will be first across the winning line.

Others may know what you have done, but only God knows what you can become.


So my friend do not give up, because you don't know how close you are to the winner’s cup.


And remember life’s battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man that wins is the man that thinks he can.

The reason why a person may try to steal your dream is because they don't have one of their own.


So don't respond in kind but simply use your imagination to expand your mind and leave their negativity behind.

When you reach heavens gate I can tell you now it will be too late to reconsider your fate.


For if to date your acceptance of God has not been first rate, you can be assured your reception will be less than great.


In fact don't be surprised if you are asked to find an alternative address to reside, for Jesus said "Those that deny me before man, shall be denied before the angels of God" Luke Ch12-Vs9.

You may want more, wish for more, and even pray for more, but in the end you simply have to do more to attain more.


Because the harder you work the more blessed you become and eventually all obstacles will be overcome.

Is your home like a train carriage, filled with individuals going about their day in total isolation, and completely oblivious to those around them?


In home's everywhere the scene is the same; one is playing with his DS, another is online all the time, mother is watching TV, and dad is listening to music on his iPod with his headphones on, just so he can have a moment alone.


Its a crying shame that so many households are the same,

but the solution is simple,

for we already know that

a family that prays together

will stay together, but similarly

a family that play's together will spend more time together.


So take a step back in time and unplug those things, which are a modern distraction to your families interaction, and watch the positive reaction when you say "Let’s have some family fun, Scrabble anyone"

It’s truly a joy to see the rich diversity of ethnicity which greets me whenever

I traverse this great city.


You see whenever I travel around London town, all limits seem unbound and it’s like I've found this fertile ground where the mere seed of an idea will blossom into a financial nadir.


In fact the effervescent buzz that surrounds you, is constantly there to remind you, that you reap what you sow and from little acorn seeds,

do great oak trees grow.


So if you can conceive it, and believe it,

you will ultimately achieve it.

As I look through my window and watch the soothing ebb and flow of the Thames below, I know I'm blessed to have such a view, and I owe it all

to you know who.


Some may say because you worked hard every day you deserve

what you have today.


But that is so not true, for not only did I work hard every day but I also prayed, and it's only through God's grace

that I am in this place.


You see long ago I realised that the harder you work and the more you pray,

far greater will be the blessings

that come your way.


So here I stand a humble man,

not because of who I am but whose I am, and if God can do this for an ex-sinner like me, how much greater

will your blessings be.

Friends are your shield, sent to ensure you neither yield nor bend

to the will of men.


In fact friends are sent to help defend and repel, then send scurrying back to hell those seeds of doubt that should never have come about.


For doubt only comes about when your faith is low, but I want you to know in me you have a friend

whose love and support

knows no end.

The size of a banker’s bonus,

I'm sure can look quite onerous

to the average working man.


But the service they provide

is driven by greed,

which I'm afraid we feed

by saying I need, I need, I need.


I mean what is the definition of a banker, and no it doesn't rhyme?


But simply one who profits from your profits, while all the time claiming

to be a profit.


So when without being underhand,

but like a magician with some sleight of hand, he creates something from nothing, you can understand why he feels justified to first put his 10% aside.

As a child of God whose born again I'm truly blessed because I know I have already passed the first test.


You see God now has a vested interest in me, and His plan for me is to be eternally blessed, not just when I come to rest, but also here on Earth where He'll help me establish

my true worth.


You see now that I have passed

the first test,

I know the rest of my life will be the best of my life, and it's only though God's grace that I am in this happy place, and if you want to join me

there's lot's of space.

There is none more innocent nor trusting than a child, and as adults and parents, it is our duty to ensure that these traits endure until they mature!

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