An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Respect Is Earned But Easily Learned

If you ever have a crisis in faith remember that only Jesus Christ, so clearly divine,

has ever walked on water, turned water into wine and put his life on the line

just so you can lead a life no less divine.


So do not forsake nor allow your faith to shake, for when you next awake God will break the devil's spell and send him scurrying back to hell, where the devil

will tell them less faithful than you

"that if you only knew what faith could do, you would now be in Heaven enjoying a more pleasant view".

In all successful relationships,

both physical & spiritual,

communication is the key.


So drop to your knees and pray and open the channels of communication straight away.


Then continue to talk to God every day,

in a close and intimate way, in this way your thoughts won't stray and your mind will be on him all day.

If your having a bad day just drop to your knees and pray, and continue to have faith that every day God will provide you with the tools you need to meet your needs, but don't expect Him to feed your greed’s.


Instead consider the manner in which God sent manna to feed those hungry souls who without protest accepted God's test and after 40 years were rewarded with His best, not only on Earth but also in His final Heavenly caress.

Dear Lord I realise now that life is but a test, so please guide me on this difficult quest, and I promise that I shall always try and do my best, to rise above the rest.

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!


So take my advice and always think twice before raising your voice. So forego your ego and let your better side show!

Life may knock you down but through God's grace and your faith I promise that when you hit the ground you will always rebound.


You see a set back is merely an opportunity for a come back, and with God watching your back you'll find it becomes easier to resist the devils attacks.

Its never too late to be great and I'm not gonna leave my destiny up to fate.


For although I will always put God before man I realise that my destiny is in my own hands.


You see although I know it is God who wrote the original plan, I realised long ago that until you decide to follow him faithfully you will forever be wandering aimlessly chasing that which will never be.


But once you do the rest will be up to you and your blessings will be many, not few!

When life seems unfair and a moment of peace exceptionally rare,

please don't despair.


Just hold your head high, then look to the sky and thank God for those family and friends who obviously care and are always there to help alleviate your misguided despair.


For they are like manna, sent in this manner to not only help nourish your soul and strengthen your resolve, but also to defend and repel, and then send scurrying back to hell those seeds of doubt which should never have

come about.

If you can find the will to resist without using your fists, or other forms of violence, your humility will be recorded and later rewarded, by off-setting your past sins when you finally stand before the pearly gates and ask our Saviour

to let you in.

Don't be a self-hater,

nor doubt your creator,

for you are destined to be

so much greater.


You see all you have to do

is hold Christ near,

have no fear and He will bring

that positive vision of your future

that much nearer.

Every confrontation should be viewed as an invitation to exceed the low expectations of those beyond salvation.

If you can let your ego go and show humility, where others show hostility, greater will be your ability to show servility in the face of their stupidity.

Stress is the fertiliser of creativity

but need is the father of invention.


So once the seed has been planted you should feed your creative need, which will relieve your stress, then give God your best and He will do the rest!


If you have any doubt the proof is in the pudding for "Stressed Is Desserts

Spelt Backwards"

The Godless are lawless and without law there is war, so whether you believe this or not only the 10 Commandments can stymie the rot.

For it is only God's perfect law which can ensure that sin will no longer endure.

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets".

Matthew 7:12 NKJV

When people belittle you they are just being little, so although they may be unkind, pay them no mind, for they will eventually find that God does not forgive all crimes.

Longevity should not be your ultimate goal, but more importantly the preservation of your immortal soul.

So remember to forgive and continuously give, for these are the traits which will ultimately seal your fate and then see you safely through

the pearly gates.

Come day or night there is no more beautiful sight than a bird in flight with the air flowing beneath their regal wings, and lifting them up towards what appears to be Jupiter’s rings.


The sky so blue it seems to beckon you, so much so that even if it were to snow I still know that I could not forgo the opportunity to go.


Because regardless of the cold there is a beauty to behold which is bold beyond belief and offers comfort and relief, and also instils an inner peace.

Time and distance matter not, for true friendships are not easily forgot.


Yours to me is worth a lot and I pray that you have not forgot.


For although our lives may seem miles apart, our friendship shall forever be something I hold close to my heart.

Happiness is a state of mind,

which seldom lasts for a long time.


But whenever you feel yours slipping away seek God's presence and pray,

then watch as your problems drift away.