An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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This Is My Daily Prayer

Which With You I Would Like To Share

Thank you Lord for another day because I know I’m blessed in so many ways.


I realise now that life is but a test and I promise Lord that I shall always try and do my best.


I thank you Lord in anticipation of every meal I shall eat and every breath I shall take, because I know dear Lord that I owe them all to you.


I ask you this day Lord to bless the very foundation of my marriage, which is based upon God, Love, Trust, and Respect, and I want you to know Lord that you will always come first in our lives.


I ask you this day Lord to bless my friends and family and loved ones and all those who love us, and even those who don’t love us Lord, because I know that everyone deserves your love.


And I sincerely hope and pray Lord that through my example others to will come to know you as I do, as my Friend, my Guide, my Saviour, my Way Maker, as the very Centre Point Of My Life Lord,

without whom my life would have no meaning no purpose and no direction.


For all the wonderful things that you’ve done and are about to do in my life Lord I truly thank you, and although I realise that you cannot always be there when I want you, I know in my hearts of hearts that you will always be there when I need you the most, just as you have done so many times in the past Lord, and I just hope and pray that you’ll continue to do so always.


And also that you’ll bless the labours of my hands, bring meaning, purpose, direction, into my life Lord, and forgive me all my sins,

for you are truly a God of new beginnings.


I also have a special prayer of long life, and good health,

for My Father, My Wife, My Children, My Grand Children,

and anyone else who is in need of prayer at this time Lord.


And personally I just pray to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise

and to one day be in a position where not only can I leave a significant financial inheritance for my children, but also for my children’s children.


And finally Lord I pray for the strength, tenacity, perseverance of mind, body and soul to one day be able fulfil your plan Lord for I know I am but a tool, and I realise now that the grapes of good fortune are only ever gonna be placed within my reach and not within my mouth, but I pray that when such opportunities arise that not only do recognise them, but that I have strength, tenacity, perseverance of mind, body and soul to actually fulfil them Lord.


For you are my God, my King, my Everything and I love you with every fibre of my being Lord, and if I could pray for just one thing it would be Faith, continuous and eternal, in Jesus name AMEN!

Thank you father, father thank you!

If you think it's too long to read

here is me reciting it