An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Time is the most valuable commodity available to you and me and its totally free, so enjoy it 'til the last, for once the moment has past there'll be no going back, no retracing your tracks.


For in the end you'll only leave behind doubts and regrets which I bet in the great scheme of things will soon seem like faded dreams.

A man should be valued by the content of his heart and soul and not by the size of his bank roll.


For none is more worthy of praise than a man who stays to help raise a child who may otherwise run wild.


Some may say this is the least he can do,

but trust me some women don't even make this an option for you.


You see many women take the view, that you are less than a man, if they can earn more than you can!


Where do you stand?

What say you are you amongst the many or the few, who take the view, that a man is incomplete until he marries and then finds out

his finished?

I'm trying to keep my head held high and show my wife that I'm really a good guy, but as much as I try sometimes I still feel to cry when my efforts go unobserved and not given the recognition they deserve.


You see she doesn't know what I was like before, so therefore doesn't appreciate how much I've grown. But I guess the fault lies with me because what's inside is rarely shown and therefore goes largely unknown.


But that's such a shame as my ultimate aim is simply to realign my life, with the goals and aspirations of my beautiful wife, and never have to think twice about the wrongs I did

in my previous life.


You see if for once I selfishly focus on me, ultimately its my family who will benefit from what I'm trying to be, which is a good husband, good father, good son, and ultimately a tribute to

my recently departed mum.

They say that love conquers all,

but in reality love is merely a promise, which is a comfort to a fool.


You see in the end although we all try to defend the notion of love, in reality its just a potion which we apply like a lotion in an attempt to soothe our irrational emotions.


Do I sound bitter? I guess I am and I bet you can guess this was written by a man.


But as bitter as I may be even I have to agree its best to have loved and lost, than to have never loved and be forever emotionally lost.

 'Please note the following are just observations and not condemnations or lamentations'!

It's a gamble I know


But I'm not sure, if to want to win should be considered a sin, so if God see's fit, then so be it, but if not a £ is not a lot and will soon be forgot amongst the millions of others in the great big lottery treasure pot.

I know Lord that you said life is but a test and I know I promised to always do my best, so why is it I still feel dispossessed, financially oppressed, and constantly depressed.


For as much as I try to always reach for the sky I continuously come up with just a handful of dirt 'Lord it hurts.'


But obviously giving up isn't an option for there are those that depend on me who I can't let see how the pressure affects me, and who nonetheless expect to be provided for abundantly.


So I'll continue to hide it all inside and pray for the strength, tenacity, perseverance of mind, body and soul to reach my goal, which is simply to be happy, financially free, and nearer my God to thee.

I try not to procrastinate and I realise that it's never to late to fulfil my fate, but what do you do when those around you try to undo everything that's important to you,

especially when you can see

God's promise inching its way into view.


I don't know about you but I've always found that although God's promise may at times appear out of sight, he always

turns up when the time is right.


So without delay drop to your knees and pray, and you may be surprised what good fortune God has in store for you today!

Sometimes I despair, because it's genuinely rare to find a moment to share my thoughts with someone who might actually care.


You see words for me are like therapy, they set me free and allow me to be the person I always wanted to be.


It may be hard for you to understand but its not easy being a poetic man.


This is a side of me that very few know,

but hopefully one day I shall discover a way for my words to reach others and

inspire them in some way.


(Lets pray today’s that day)

Depression is not a sign of dementia, but the ,manifestation of the realisation that "Dem Men" in your life were the ones that caused the strife, which first caused you to consider what's the meaning of life.


I say go tell "Dem Men" you are on the mend and no longer need them, for depression is like oppression and it is only when you stand up to it, that you will ever get over it.


You probably won't understand why this was written by a man,

but without wishing to grandstand, it was only when I was born again that I realised the nature of us men is hard to defend, and I guess this is my way of showing amends.


Dear Kweku Adoboli,

was it financial gain or the unbearable pain of having lost again, which caused you to go insane?

Now with billions lost what is the true cost, and can UBS recover from such a financial loss, which at best will delete them of their zest, and certainly cause unrest amongst the rest?

Amongst friends and family there are those that appear to care, but moments of emotional connection are exceptionally rare.


Having said that maybe it could just be me who needs to set my feelings free and allow others

to get close to me.


But how can I let this be, because won't they then consider me to be weak and think that I should instead be talking to a shrink.


In fact I'm sure I would deplore having to restore the tough guy image I fought so long and hard for.


But sadly when I look in the mirror the reflection I see doesn't represent the inner me, that I would like others to see, so please Lord give me the courage to be me and set my spirit free through the gift of poetry!