An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Love Is The Universal Currency Of God

My beautiful wife although I try and tell you every day, that I love you in every possible way, the reality is I have to hope and pray that through my gestures you know this anyway.


But of this you can be sure, it is you that I adore and I promise to love you forever more.


For I do declare there is none that can compare with one so fair, nor with a beauty which is so exceptionally rare.

The aim of marriage is not to find the perfect person, but to love an imperfect person perfectly.


However in you not only have I found the perfect wife, but also the person to whom I wish to spend

the rest of my life.

Sex outside marriage is like a bank account, you put it in, you take it out,

and then you lose interest.


But when you take a wife, the aim is to bring forth life, and when your family is complete, the thought of sex with another cannot compete with that of a mother who is also your lover.

A couple that prays together will stay together, far longer than those that look outside & then decide that the grass is greener on the other side.

In marriage one should always think we instead of me and then you'll see how much greater your progress

will be.

The love that we have others may never find, but for those lucky few who are blessed like me and you, I pray that they know, that they have to work at their love for it to continue to grow, otherwise it will melt away

just like the snow.

I know everything you do is done from the heart and that is why right from the start I never wanted us to be apart.


For it was clear even then that you and I would be more than friends and to this end I do declare that my love for you is exceptionally rare.


So rare indeed that I still go weak at the knees when I think about how God has blessed me with such a beautiful wife who I promise to love for the rest of my life!

God is amazing, God is true, I thank him for providing me with someone like you.


Every day that we stay friends is a blessing only God could send.


And come what may I can sincerely say I will be there for you each

and every day.

What is life without a wife?

A meaningless journey which is rife with strife.


But with you as my wife, you'll bring meaning into my life, and us becoming one will lead to endless fun

and prayerfully a son.

I love you more than words can say, and I hope and pray you believe me when I say, I love you even more today than I did yesterday.

I just want to say that you make me happy in every possible way, and I hope and pray that this is a mutual feeling which will never go away.

I love you equally if not more, of this you can be sure, and I promise to love you now and forever more, whatever our marriage has in store.

As the hours slip away and we near the end of another day, I just wanted to say that I loved you more today than I did yesterday, and I’m gonna love you even more tomorrow.

A wise man once said "If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others".


So my advice to you would be; take a spouse, turn a house into home, and promise to no longer roam.


You will also find that by changing your emphasis from me to we, much greater will your progress be.

Your words sustain me throughout the day, in deeply positive ways. I can but hope and pray, that mine affect you in the same way.

In giving my life to Christ, and taking myself a wife, I have discovered the true value of life.


I recommend them both to you for they will help bring life’s purpose into view, plus give you a glimpse of heaven on Earth and what God's love

is truly worth.

To the world you might be just one person, but to one person you might just be the world, and now you know who that person is


Beauty is a gift from God above

and made through an act of

your parents love.

So whatever the circumstances

of your birth, make sure you

always put God first.

I love who I am, just an ordinary man

whose lived an extraordinary life.


You see my children and wife give meaning to my life, and although life has not been without its ups and downs, and twists and turns, when I look around I feel blest to have found that middle ground, where all around

I see love unbound.

A good partner or spouse will always have your back and they'll pick up the slack

where you sometimes lack.


Now this is a fact, which is lost on some,

but I want you to know that

I'm not that someone.


In fact I want the world to know that I'm not embarrassed to show how much my love and appreciation for you

continues to grow.


For I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love and appreciate you even more tomorrow.

If you wish to leave a legacy for all to see, what greater can there be than a child which grows to be

the epitome of everything

you wished for them to be.

(Since getting married we now have two sons.

Just goes to show Prayer works)

Your beautiful by Nigel S Williams