An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Dedicated To My Mum

Dedicated to and in remembrance of my mum Kathleen Elaine Coppin

who passed away on 6.9.2009


If my mum were here today

she would most clearly say!


Don't cry for me for I have shed my last tear, and I have no fear for it is perfectly clear where I go from here.


God's path for me was pre-ordained, so to have fought his will would have been insane.


As for the devil I have nothing but distain, for ultimately I knew God's will would rain, and one day take away this earthly pain.


So don't mourn my death, but celebrate my re-birth, for I can happily say my spirit has risen and left this wicked earth.

I know I'm not the first nor the last to have a parent pass, but when this son lost his mum, life itself became numb and I couldn't talk to anyone.


Gone was the only one who could say "don't worry son" and make me believe

better times were to come.


I give thanks to family and friends who tried their best to comfort me through this difficult test, but "sorry for your loss", lost meaning with time, and no I'll never be fine.


You see no amount of time can drive those memories from my mind of all the good times mum and I shared and how she always so unselfishly cared.


An angel on Earth is what she was, and what she's gone to be, but most importantly to me she will always be the one who loved me unreservedly!

You can only see the brightest stars

in the darkest nights.


So hold your head high, look to the sky and know your mother wouldn't want you to cry.


For the brightest star is the Sun and that's what everyone thought about your mum.


So please take solace in the thought that, her light will shine bright forever more and her memory be long adored!

Mother your courage, your strength, and your tenacity, have inspired me to be more than anyone else thought I'd ever be, and there is no test that could make me believe that you are

anything less than the best.


Thanks for everything you have done; I know I'm blessed to have such a wonderful mum!

What am I to do without you mum?


They say life is but a test and that if we reach heaven we shall have eternal rest, but for those you leave behind the loss and the pain does not diminish with time.


Like any good son I miss you mum and it hurt so much to see you leaving this earth riding in the back of a hearse.


I knew I had to be brave as they lowered you into the grave and that I had to accept for sure I won't see you any more.


But no matter how hard I try I continue to cry as I look up to the sky and realise that you have left this earth and gone to a place of rest which I know in my heart

is for the best, but nonetheless detest.


For no longer do you have to endure the great pain that would have driven

a weaker person insane.


This is a testimony to the great strength you showed your whole life through and an example I intend to continue for you.


It is without regret that I can say

"that as a child I may not have had

that many presents but I always felt

blessed when I was in your presence",

and I hope and pray that one day my children will also feel the same way!


I miss you mum, your loving son Nigel

Thank you grandma for the gift of love,

which now you're sharing with God above.


You always had so many thoughtful things to say, and always in a caring, loving way.


You always saw good in everyone,

no matter what they may have done.


You were always the one we could all lean on, even though sometimes

it must have felt like a ton.


You were always the strength of the family, but now we must let you

rest calmly.


So as we sadly say goodbye, and as tears roll down our eyes, I know your place in heaven has a good view because you'll be telling God, I need to keep an eye on a few, in order to make sure someday they also reside with you.


Grandma you will always be in our hearts and mind and we shall never forget that you were one of a kind.


Grandma - you showed us the meaning of strength, compassion and love and Tanika and Bianca feel blessed to have been a apart of your life.


So thanks again - you were simply the best -

Love Phyllis the mother of your Grandchildren

Tanika & Bianca plus even more love from your Greatgrandchildren - Denaye and Nirel.


This is the only one which wasn't written by me, but I felt it was important for you to see,

as I am so proud of my family.

To the world they may have been

just one person,

but to more than one person

they were the world!

Who is they I hear you say?

It's anyone that's passed away,

that you still love until this very day.

"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, just look to your side, for it is there you will find

friends like me reside."

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

love leaves a memory no one can steal."

Sorry for your loss by Nigel S Williams