An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Embrace your uniqueness

and don't look upon it as a weakness, for an original is always worth more than a copy.

So be yourself, not someone else.

I dream therefore I am.

I exist therefore I must persist.

For to resist would be remiss.

You see I love this world

in which we should all

peacefully co-exist.

 You cannot afford to turn a blind eye for there but for the sake of God

go you and I.

In fact "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

- Dr Martin Luther King

Its easy to be humble when your poor,

but it seems an unnecessary chore

for those who have more.

So my friends

"Be of the same mind toward one another.

Do not set your mind on high things,

but associate with the humble.

Do not be wise in your own opinion".

Romans 12:16 NKJV .

Have faith, and put your mind in the right place for last year may have been a test,

but God has promised this year

will be your best.

So now is not the time to rest,

but to put God's promise to the test?

Lets remember that Jesus is the reason

for the season.

So once you have opened all your presents, why not take a moment to get in God's presence and not only give thanks

for all the gifts under the tree,

but also for friends and family!

As Christmas draws to end I would like to wish all my family and friends

a happy new year,

and I pray that you

continue to hold Christ near!

God closes doors no man can open & opens doors no man can close.

So look back & thank God, & then look forward & trust God.

What inspires me to write and sometimes wake in the middle

of the night?  

It's the sheer delight that what I write will hopefully excite and maybe highlight a new insight into the

meaning of life!

It's easy to be a victor, and not a victim, all you have to do is

trust in God to be your shield,

then never will you have to yield.

Dear friend, may you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live, for life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away,

and I sincerely hope and pray

that God blesses you and your family with many more such moments.

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