An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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My children! What can I say they make me happy in so many way’s.


My children are the wind that flows beneath my wings, and lift me above whatever hardship life has to bring.


With the love of my daughters and my son’s to, there is nothing my faith cannot bring me through.


For God is my source, and the Bible a mighty resource, but it’s my family that ensure I remain on course.


I love you all equally, and more importantly this will forever be!

My grandson Denaye, what can I say except his smile is contagious, and his laugh is outrageous. I sincerely hope and pray that he remains the same way for ever and day, and that he continues to be a blessing to everyone he meets along life’s highway.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, yet still I ponder about what happens yonder and if my family miss me just as much.


For when I am out of touch I yearn for my family so very much, that I feel like a one legged man without his crutch.


You see life is short and it would be all for nought if it was not for my families love and support.

Who could want more from a mother-in-law whose loving, caring and kind, yet still finds time to cook us dinner from time to time.


Without her support and the family as a whole we would constantly be digging ourselves out of grave financial holes.


We obviously know that we are blessed and although no one could replace my own mother who is sadly at rest, I want you to know that you are simply the best.


Your strength, tenacity, kindness, and compassion are a testimony to be proud and genuinely makes you stand out from the crowd.

My grandson Nirel is a little prince charming whose smile is quite disarming, but what I love about him the most is the fact that he's so verbose, and obviously

brighter than most.

A life changing moment happened to me when my future wife said

"you’re not lucky your blest".


This sent me on a life affirming quest to question my past and ask God why His mercies had been so vast.


But to be perfectly honest it didn't take long for the answer

to come along.


For it was clear to me and everyone else to see there had been and still is one constant in my life

"The Bible".


You see the Bible is the greatest source and resource for those like me, who sometimes went off course, but in due course, knew there was no recourse but to heed God's word and return to His herd.


For no matter where I strayed I knew that if I prayed my spirits would be raised, and my past sins discarded, regardless of their nature or even their number.


So what I'm trying to say is if you feel the same way, don't dismay, just drop to your knees and pray, then watch as night gives way

to day and all your sins

are washed away.

Every day to my wife and children I say

"I love you more today than I did yesterday and I'll love you even more tomorrow and I hope and pray that as we go our separate ways, God blesses us all throughout the day and brings us safely home, so we can once again say God's been good" .

What sunshine is to flowers, education is to a child.

So hold them up to the light

and the shadow of ignorance

will always be behind them.

One should look at the world

through the eyes of a child,

but while doing so seek

the wisdom of your elders.

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