An Encouraging Word Should Be More Seldom Heard!

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Hi my name is Nigel Williams,


Now I don't wish to brag but here are some interesting facts:


Nigel is an Irish name that means champion and is originally derived from the Latin name Nigellus, which means black.


Now I don't know if my parents realised this when I was baptised, but nonetheless I am grateful because my name obviously reflects the outer me and

I like to think the inner me to.


I can but pray that the same can be said of my son's Cuba whose middle name Emmanuel means

'A Gift From God'

and Rio whose middle name is Lemuel, which means

'A Gift To God'


Then there's my daughters Bianca, whose middle name is Faith, which speaks for itself, and my oldest daughter Tanika whose middle name is Elaine, which was my dearly departed mothers middle name and means

"Sunray or Shining Light"

Nigel S. Williams asks that you be a friend and tell a friend about my website.

Words are my friend and I am never alone when I have a pen.


In fact words to me are like therapy and set my spirit free, and this is my opportunity to show you what they mean to me, through my poetry.


You see An encouraging word should be more seldom heard, for if it was not so rare, and we occasionally showed

others that we actually care,

then despair would become

exceedingly rare!

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